Gold is the most common of all the precious metals as an investment. Investors generally buy gold as a form of risk diversification, especially through the use of futures contracts and derivatives. The market in gold, like other stocks, is prone to uncertainty and volatility.Gold has the most important safe haven and hedging assets across a number of countries relative to other precious metals used for investment. .

Gold investment is one of the most recession-proof ways to invest your money as it offers the dollar's most direct counter. The price of gold increases every time the dollar falls, such as during a recession. Since years this has been the rule and it will not change soon at any time. And now that the economy is suffering from outbreaks of long-term sickness, the real potential for gains will be contained in gold in the coming years and decades.

Finance Partners Group has done a good job in determining how to invest in gold in the right way, including evaluating the various gold-related investment products, all of which have different risk and return profiles, liquidity characteristics, and fees. Usually, a strategy for asset allocation should consider long-term rather than medium-term returns, and how gold investment products perform in a positive or negative correlation with other assets.