Finance Partners Group offers investment options for multi-family, office, retail and accommodation properties in most major cities. The platform provides an opportunity for investors to invest as little as $10,000 in a project; however, the total portfolio must be $20,000 in assets.

As an investor, you will receive frequent updates of ventures and financial statements to keep investors aware of the current status of their assets. The company's only partners with successful developers who have a track record of success, invests in properties in areas with high growth potential, provides investment in major markets with solid foundations to avoid potential bubbles, and invests in ventures that will strengthen communities, ultimately increasing the overall value of assets.

The business offers a number of different asset classes for investors to choose from, including Manhattan high-rise buildings or Phoenix single family homes. Investors can start with just $10,000, which is much better than the traditional $50,000 to $100,000 needed to invest in real estate. The platform hopes to bridge the gap behind each project between the project sponsors and the developers. Usually it takes two to three weeks for the property to close and the investors to start accruing a return on their investment once an investment is 100 percent funded.