Retirement planning is the process of setting goals for retirement income and the actions and decisions needed to achieve those goals. Retirement planning includes the identification of income sources, estimation of expenses, implementation of a savings program and management of assets.

The focus one places on improvements in retirement planning across different stages of life. Retreat preparation is about putting aside enough money for retirement early in a person's working life. It may also include setting realistic income or asset goals during the middle of your career and taking steps to achieve them. You go from accumulating assets to what planners call the phase of distribution once you reach retirement age. You don't pay in anymore; instead, your saving decades are paying out, and that's where our Green Trust Trades expertise comes in handy.

Remember that planning for retirement begins long before you retire— the sooner, the better. Your "magic number" is highly personalized, the amount you need to retire comfortably, but there are numerous thumb rules that can give you an idea of how much to save, and these are the steps we guide you through.